PLEASE NOTE: Due to the state of world events as of February 9, 2021, THIS FORUM, WIKI, AND DISCORD ARE ON INDEFINITE HIATUS. You are welcome to submit a new user questionnaire, but do note that responses are unlikely, and that activity from all levels of membership has crawled to basically nothing.

May we all reconvene in calmer times, and failing that, may everyone walk towards a brighter future.

Best wishes, -The TORPS Staff


If you've found this page, you have an interest in joining The Other Roleplaying Scientists (also known as TORPS and ORPS), one of a few places where the fans of Sabrina Cotugno's The Glass Scientists webcomic can create their own fan-characters (Lodgers) and write stories set in the wonderful world she's made. While we're a rather welcoming group of folks, we do want to make sure everyone knows some basic roleplaying terms and etiquette before they start posting. As such, before we allow you to access the forum, we ask that:

  1. You read the rules outlined below
  2. You fill out the new member questionnaire and email it to
  3. You send any questions you might have regarding the way our forum is run to the staff email above as well.

Not to worry! The process is relatively quick and painless, and you don't need to worry about getting anything wrong. Those three steps are in place to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what to expect from the forum--the only reason you'd be turned away is if you weren't interested in playing nice with others! To that effect, if you don't know the answer to a particular question, there's no need to be discouraged; email the staff and we'll be more than happy to teach you so that everyone's on the same page. It could be you know the concept of a term without necessarily knowing the term itself!

Once you've done everything above, our team will be happy to help you along your journey into the wonderful world of London's very own Society for Arcane Sciences.

We look forward to hearing from you soon--go forth and create, you brilliant rogue scientists! Make Dr. Jekyll proud!

And if you're already a member of the forum, you can access the wiki's homepage here once you make a Miraheze account and it gets added.

Best, The TORPS Staff

Rules and Forum Guidelines


The following are not allowed on the forum:

1. Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so
There will be no hate speech, no slurs, and nothing that encourages the systematic hatred of any people.
2. Spam
Don’t post repeated, unnecessary comments. We're here for stories, not obnoxious nonsense!
3. Impersonation
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not out-of-character; that’s just rude. Take some advice from Oscar Wilde and "be yourself--everyone else is already taken."
4. Threats — E.g., threatening to doxx someone, threatening to find out their personal information and use it to find and kill them, etc.
5. Posting personally identifiable information
This is a matter of basic internet safety. While the forum is private, we can't guarantee that the host servers won't be compromised or hacked or what-have-you. If you absolutely must provide personal information for one reason or another, please do so through our staff email.
6. Explicit sexual content on the main pages
We on the forum won't and don't judge you for what you want to write. That said, not everyone is comfortable reading smut, and beyond that, there's the likely chance that not everyone reading it is of age, either. Take it to Discord private messages, ask the moderators to make you a password-locked page, or just do a good ol'-fashioned fade to black.
7. Untagged sensitive content on the main pages
To that regard, similar guidelines go for potentially sensitive content (including but not limited to themes of self harm, mental illness, real-world injustices, sexual assault, drug abuse, etc.). While we won't ask that every subject under the sun be moved to its own, private page, we do ask that you tag such content out-of-character so that people can avoid it if they choose. Mistakes do happen, but repeatedly posting untagged sensitive content is grounds for disciplinary action.

We want to keep this a fun, safe place for everyone! Be kind, courteous, and respectful of everyone, their boundaries, and their views. The fun part of roleplaying is getting a dozen other perspectives to help you create stories!

(Within reason–-white supremacists, homophobes, anyone against a particular religion, etc., can leave the way they came.)

Forum Guidelines

In addition to the rules above, here are some basic guidelines for roleplaying to keep in mind.

1. Be considerate.
A character is inevitably important to the person who created it. Much like you wouldn’t walk up to a random person and smash their leg with a hammer, you shouldn’t force sudden, unexpected changes (injuries, sexual content, etc.) onto someone’s character without asking. Discuss those sort of things with that character’s narrator before they happen, and be willing to change things if another narrator expresses concern over something.
2. Roleplaying is a collaboration
Take turns with your collaborators! Similarly to #1, roleplaying cannot happen without communication, and there’s nothing worse than being the odd one out in a group conversation. Don’t be afraid to switch up who you partner with! Chances are, everyone else is looking for someone to write with, too.
3. No godmodding.
You control your character(s) and your character(s) alone. This is true for another character’s actions, preferences, mannerisms, appearance, thoughts, reactions, relationships, and so on. Remember: discussion is key to a fun time for everyone. There’s no discussion anywhere if you decide someone else's thoughts and actions.
4. Keep the powerplaying to a minimum.
Look, we get it, sometimes you just want to be able to win everything because you can't with anything in real life. That's fine! We've all been there! That said, letting your characters have powers is all well and good, but typically speaking, if they don’t have flaws, they aren’t terribly fun to interact with. Keep this in mind when you roleplay with other players!
5. Don’t metagame.
If it doesn’t happen, isn’t discussed, etc., in character, it isn’t canon. If you’re uncertain of whether or not you and your character(s) should know something, don’t be afraid to ask that character’s narrator!
6. Characters are not their writers, and vice-versa.
This is important to keep in mind! Characters are allowed to be rude, depressing, snarky, or generally unpleasant--we can't all be perfectly angelic all the time. However, if their stories touch on a subject that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to contact either the narrator or one of the moderators. We want everyone to have fun and to feel comfortable exploring the subjects and personality traits they want, but we can't do that if we don't work together as a forum.
7. Tagging/Warnings.
For that matter, if you know a subject you’re writing to be of a sensitive nature (including but not limited to themes of self harm, mental illness, real-world injustices, sexual assault, drug abuse, etc.), please give a warning of some sort before the post in question! This allows those who would be negatively affected by such content the chance to skip over that comment. Furthermore, don't just spring these things on your fellow writers. If a plot takes a turn for the darker side of things, be sure to warn your writing partners ahead of time regarding what to expect, even for something you might think is completely tame, like a punch to the face. It's better to be safe and risk seeming foolish than to brush it off and cause someone lasting harm.

Generally speaking, when in doubt, your best bet is to just ask the person you're writing with! However, if that makes you uncomfortable, you're more than welcome to ask a moderator to step in. Again, we want the forum to be a safe and welcoming place of self-expression and discovery, but we need your help to ensure it stays that way!

New User Questionnaire

Below is the questionnaire all new users must fill out and send to Simply put the question numbers and your answer--no need to copy everything over unless you want to.

Once you've done that, we'll respond with a welcome message, a link to the forum, and a guide on what to do next. Keep in mind that by filling this out, you accept that we'll take your response as proof that you've read the rules and guidelines, and are willing to abide by them. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse if it comes up in a warning or disciplinary action.

1. What name would you like to be called by on the forum?
2. What are your prefered pronouns?
3. Have you had experience with roleplaying or other types of collaborative writing groups before? If so, how much?
4. How would you describe consent in regards to roleplaying?
5. How would you describe power-gaming?
A) I make my characters have enough weaknesses that their strength doesn’t make them god-like for no good reason.
B) I do everything I can to ensure my character can’t be defeated, without resorting to outright controlling someone else’s character (godmodding).
C) I use information shared out-of-character to ensure that my character always wins against other characters, even if they “just happen” to know something they shouldn’t.
D) Both a and b.
E) Both a and c.
F) Both b and c.
6. How would you describe god-modding?
7. What’s meta-gaming?
8. If you want to roleplay a sensitive topic with another writer (trauma, violence, sexual assault, etc.) how would you go about it?
A) I’d just go for it--it’s just fiction, and no one has to read it anyways.
B) I’d put a warning out-of-character on the post containing the sensitive content, but that’s it.
C) I’d have a discussion with the author(s) I’m writing with regarding their boundaries, then put a warning out-of-character in the thread.
D) I just won’t write those topics--or if I do, it won’t be on this forum. Better safe than sorry!
9. When writing a post or response, I include…
A) What my character does and the reactions it causes in other people.
B) Whatever I want.
C) My character’s action and thoughts for a few seconds
D) All the thoughts and actions I want to put for my character--I have to cover all my bases!
10. While writing a fight scene with another writer, their character runs at mine with a knife. Since my character grew up street fighting, I think it’s reasonable to expect that mine might dodge the knife and trip the other player’s character. Therefore, I…
A) Have my character dodge and then trip the other character.
B) Tell the other writer what my character will do, and then have my character dodge and trip their character.
C) Tell the other writer what my character will do, and then if there’s no objection, have my character dodge and then attempt to trip the other character--they might avoid falling on their face, after all.
D) Have my character dodge and trip their character, making them fall on their own knife. I won!
11. What’s the best part about roleplaying for you?
12. Have you actually read the rules thoroughly?
13. If so, would you mind telling us what Forum Guideline #6 is?
14. Finally, which is better--cats, dogs, or lizards?
A) Cats
B) Dogs
C) Lizards
D) Why is this even a question?
E) ... Do I have to pick? D:

That's it, you're done! Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you on the forum ^-^